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Ipriflavone Review

Ipriflavone Review Ipriflavone is a synthetic
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Description Ipriflavone is a synthetic
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Ipriflavone Dosage

Side Effects

In a trial of ipriflavone for osteoporosis, 29 of the 132 women in the ipriflavone group completing the three-year trial developed a clinically significant drop in lymphocytes.15 These cells, which make up approximately 22 to 28% of the white blood cells in the normal adult, are critical components of the immune system and its ability to respond to viral infections. In some of these women, a return to normal levels took almost two years after they had stopped the ipriflavone. Since this finding has been reported in one other smaller clinical trial,16 it suggests that women choosing to take ipriflavone should have their lymphocytes measured regularly by their doctor.In double-blind studies, the frequency of perceived side effects in ipriflavone-treated people (14.5%) was actually less than that observed in people receiving the placebo (16.1%).17 Side effects were mainly mild stomach upset. Researchers recommend that patients with severe kidney disease take a lower amount of ipriflavone (200 to 400 mg daily).18

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