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Forskolin Review

Forskolin Review Forskolin, also called labdane diterpene, is a supplement that has anti-inflammatory properties and is thought to clear the body of harmful bacteria. Some believe that when taken with other herbs, especially with Artichoke extract, can produce synergistic effects and produce a more powerful outcome. It promotes production of cyclic adenosine monophosphate (cAMP), which improves cellular communication. The improvements of cAMP may have a positive impact on memory formation and retention. Forskolin is categorized under Herbal Supplements.
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Description Forskolin, also called labdane diterpene, is a supplement that has anti-inflammatory properties and is thought to clear the body of harmful bacteria. Some believe that when taken with other herbs, especially with Artichoke extract, can produce synergistic effects and produce a more powerful outcome. It promotes production of cyclic adenosine monophosphate (cAMP), which improves cellular communication. The improvements of cAMP may have a positive impact on memory formation and retention.
Typical Dose 250mg

Benefits and Effectiveness

What is Forskolin?

A lot of herbal medicines that have been used traditionally for thousands of years ago are also gaining their popularity at the present time. Aside from the traditional medical uses, it has been discovered that some herbal medicines are actually potent nootropic supplements. And, among these supplements include Forskolin.

Forskolin which is also being referred to as Coleonol, is a perennial herb classified as a labdane diterpene and is produced from the Indian Coleus plant or Coleus Forskohlii (1). It comes from the mint family and most commonly grows in India, Burma, East Africa, and other parts of Southeast Asia. Forskolin is known for its antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory properties. Since it is similar to Vitamin A and Retinol, traditional uses of Forskolin include healing wounds, preventing inflammation, and also has anti-aging properties. Other uses include as a treatment for digestive problems such as stomachache and nausea, for rheumatism, infections, and other conditions such as neck stiffness. It has also been used to induce menstruation and as an oral contraceptive. (2)

What are the benefits?

Forskolin serves to have a wide range of cognitive and health benefits. But, how does it act inside our body? And, what are the effects that we can expect from this natural supplement?

1. Forskolin for an enhanced cognitive function

The main mechanism through which Forskolin acts is by activating adenylate cyclase, an enzyme which can also be activated by adrenaline and epinephrine. Adenylate cyclase plays an important role in the regulation and function of our cells and is considered to be the most polyphelytic known enzyme. (3)

Now, adenylate cyclase catalyzes the conversion of adenosine triphosphate or ATP to pyrophosphate and cAMP, or also known as cyclic adenosine monophosphate. cAMP plays an important role in influencing regulatory signals and other transcription factors and enzymes (3). When cAMP levels are increased, there would also be an elevation of protein kinase and signal transduction. As a result, this cascade of events produces an improved memory particularly that of retaining new information and transforming short term memories to long term memories. Moreover, this increase of cAMP levels increases one’s ability to learn, comprehend, reason, retain, and retrieve information and memories.

Because of these effects that Forskolin may bring about, this supplement would be best for individuals who are facing intense intellectual demands. Students, professionals, and other individuals who are looking for a potent nootropic supplement to sustain their cognitive needs might want to consider adding Forskolin in their daily regimen. Through this, they will notice a significant improvement in their cognitive abilities as well as the overall productivity levels.

Another good thing about Forskolin is that it does not affect the Central Nervous System thus, by-passing some undesirable side effects such as nervousness and restlessness.

2. Forskolin for brain power

Brain power is important for you to sustain your mentally demanding tasks for long hours. And, Forskolin actually contributes in producing this result. But, how does this supplement increase brain power? This is because Forskolin acts as a vasodilator. Vasodilators refer to agents that widen the blood vessels resulting in a decrease in vascular resistance and an increase in blood flow (4). But how is brain power correlated to blood flow? This is because our blood carries oxygen and nutrients to our brain cells to provide nourishment. Moreover, the oxygen gives the cells glucose as a fuel for energy. And so with an increase in blood flow, there will be an increased supply of energy needed for the brain’s cognitive processes. As a result there is an improvement in mental clarity, attention, memory, focus and concentration. The individual would also have a heightened focus and a clearer mind. Forskolin may also influence the brain’s neurogenesis and synaptogenesis.

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What are the medical uses of Forskolin?

Studies have found that Forskolin can actually benefit those individuals suffering from asthma. This is because Forskolin affects the Thyroid and acts like those of the asthma medications. Due to Forskolin’s influence on the cAMP levels, it relaxes the muscles and bronchial tubes. As a result, there would be a more efficient breathing. It has also been shown that users had lesser asthma attacks. And when these attacks occur, the severity was much lesser.

On the other hand, researchers have come up to the conclusion that Forskolin may be a potential treatment for Glaucoma- a condition that causes damage to the eye’s optic nerve and gets worse over time (5). Forskolin acts by relieving the pressure in the eyes that can bring about the disease.

Forskolin also has been shown to be of benefit to one’s cardiovascular function. It is important for the maintenance of heart functions and can be a potential treatment for idiopathic congestive cardiomyopathy.

Another interesting benefit that Forskolin may bring is its weight loss promoting effect. Researchers have shown that through Forskolin, there is a substantial decrease in body fat while there is an increase in lean body mass and bone mass.

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How much Forskolin do I need daily?

It is very crucial for any drug or supplement to be taken at the right amount and frequency for it to produce the desired effects while possibly eliminating or minimizing the undesired ones. With the case of Forskolin, how much of it do we really need each day? Basically, the dosage of Forskolin varies greatly however when taking the supplement, it should contain 10% to 20% extract. The most common doses used today ranges from 25 mg to 60 mg daily. Meanwhile if you wanted to have a more nootropic benefit, a dose of between 50 mg to 60 mg is recommended. This daily dose of Forskolin may be divided and taken into multiple administrations per day if you wanted to have a more constant and sustained supply of benefits.

Since Forskolin makes people tired, it would be best to take the supplement at night. Moreover, when taking Forskolin with Artichoke Extract such as that of the CILTEP (or the Chemically Induced Long-Term Potentiation stack), the recommended dosage of Artichoke extract would be 500 mg to 900 mg daily. Artichoke extract is best used with Forskolin since the former prevents the breakdown of cAMP brought about by the latter supplement.

When starting with any new drug or supplement, it would be best to start off with the lowest possible dose to see how you respond and then gradually increasing it over time. You might also want to consider consulting your doctor or healthcare provider first since a person’s condition and health status may play a role.

Is Forskolin safe to use?

Due to the limited number of researches available for Forskolin, there are only few evidences to support its use to be completely safe. Although side effects of Forskolin may be mild, intravenous administration of which, may cause a decrease in blood pressure levels, respiratory infections, tremors, coughing, headaches, and an increase in heart rate.

It is important to note that Forskolin may be contraindicated or used with caution among some individuals. This includes individuals using blood thinners, anti-platelet medications, and blood pressure medications such as calcium channel blockers, alpha blockers, beta blockers, Clonidine, and Hydralazine.

Also, pregnant and nursing mothers and people having kidney conditions are not recommended to take this supplement and should consult their doctor first.

Where can I buy Forskolin?

You can purchase Forskolin online. Drug is available over the counter and thus, does not require prescription from a doctor. It is readily available in pill form in single-ingredient formulations or in stacks such as that of CILTEP. Buy Forskolin now and experience a variety of its cognitive and health benefits.

Reviewer: Kathleen R. RN, PT
Wiki Last Updated: 2016-02-13

Forskolin Dosage


Side Effects

Although reported side effects have been mild, individuals using Forskolin should watch out for flushing and low blood pressure, upper respiratory tract infection, cough, tremor, restlessness, headaches, and increased hreart rate.

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20.00 mg 3
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Ashwagandha 3
Noopept 3
L-Theanine 3
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