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Brain Octane Oil Review

Brain Octane Oil Review Developed by BulletProof to provide a 18x refined version of popular MCT Oil by the same brand. Used for cognitive energy as touted by creators. Brain Octane Oil is categorized under Branded Supplements. It is also known as Bulletproof Brain Octane.
Brain Octane Oil
Also Known Bulletproof Brain Octane
Description Developed by BulletProof to provide a 18x refined version of popular MCT Oil by the same brand. Used for cognitive energy as touted by creators.
Typical Dose 1 tablespoon or above per consumption

Benefits and Effectiveness

What is Brain Octane Oil?

Brain Octane Oil is naturally found in coconut oil but in vastly lower quantities. This branded version provides a more concentrated form with the purest energy available. Generally it is good for physical energy but more so for mental energy. It powers your day by supporting improved cognitive function and keeps you satiated. It can be added easily to any diet as it does not have any taste or smell.

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Benefits of Brain Octane over Coconut Oil

  • It is much more reliable and a quicker source of energy than sugar
  • It helps your body burn fat
  • Suports higher cognitive performance than regular coconut oil and even other MCT oil (XCT Oil by Bulletproof)
  • It is distilled from 100% pure coconut and not palm oil which is much more environmentally friendly as well.

How Does Brain Octane Work?

Brain octane is rapidly absorbed by the body and changed into ketone bodies which provides instant energy for your brain without needing to break down glucose which is derived from carbs. This version of oil provides at aleast 4x more ketone energy than regular coconut oil and is claimed to have potent anti-microbial effects that support healthy digestion and immune system. Your body does not store this source of fat as fat, and it is excreted through your lungs via breath and kidneys via urine.

Buy Brain Octane Oil

Brain octane goes through a triple distillation proccess and is claimed to be free from harsh chemicals and solvents. The general concern among new users is 'will there be an increase in cholestrol?' and the answer is: no as it is metabolized differently than other types of fat. So much care goes into making this oil, that the makers have gone ahead and made sure the bottle itself is also recycable, BPA-free and have made the bottle in a way that the bottles do not release any chemicals into the oil.

This is all generally possible because Brain octane uses fats for fuel which not only keeps you feeling full but focused as well for hours. This version has 10X the amount of Caprylic acid (C8), or about 14g per tablespoon than one tbsp of coconut oil itself which has 1.4 grams. Generally you may not feel any effects if your base line is high naturally and you were to supplement 'regular mct oil' or coconut oil for cognitive enhancement rather than BrainOctane.

Stacking Brain Octane Oil

It is quite possible that brain octane oil is widely used primarily with the original upgraded coffee sold by Bulletproof, stacked with chocolate powder, cacao powder, vanilla powder and even cinnamon. You can learn more about how to make bulletproof coffee here. People can also add it to smoothies, salad dressings, vegetables, over meat, sushi and tea as well.

Where To Buy Brain Octane Online

Currently you can only buy brain octane oil online, you may click here to buy it directly from us (perhaps even with a discount if available). If you would like to stack it with coffee, you can buy bulletproof coffee from here as well. It is important that if you try MCT oil or Butter Coffee for the first time, that you do it right. Buying the right ingredients is key to noticing a positive effect.
Reviewer: Kathleen R. RN, PT
Wiki Last Updated: 2016-01-26

Brain Octane Oil Dosage

1 tablespoon or above per consumption

Side Effects

Mild Diarrhea if too much consumed too fast.

Results & Experiences

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