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Asian Ginseng Review

Asian Ginseng Review It is also known as Ginseng Asian, Panax ginseng, Asian Ginseng Root, Ren Shen.
Asian Ginseng
Also Known Ginseng Asian, Panax ginseng, Asian Ginseng Root, Ren Shen
Typical Dose

Benefits and Effectiveness

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Asian Ginseng Dosage

Side Effects

Used in the recommended amounts, ginseng is generally safe. In rare instances, it may cause over-stimulation and possibly insomnia.80 People with uncontrolled high blood pressure should use ginseng cautiously. Long-term use of ginseng may cause menstrual abnormalities and breast tenderness in some women. Ginseng is not recommended for pregnant or breast-feeding women.

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Results & Experiences

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